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About us

From when we were born, 1994, the term "boutique" was not yet in fashion. Even without knowing, this was our concept. We have the right size to provide an effective way to all our customers. Always.

GWA was born to end a dissatisfaction. As director of corporate communications, Waldomiro Carvas Junior was disappointed with low committed, slow and superficial relationships; because of that, he realized that there was room for something different. GWA has no concerns of becoming "owner" of many accounts, but it could provide a suitable for each customer and their specific needs of personalized services.

GWA operates in several segments, such as financial, logistics, agribusiness, infrastructure, education, automobiles, food, beverages, construction, consumption and sustainability, among others.

We are proud to be "different". We have conditions, and interest, to understand the business and markets of each of our customers; and therefore to be able to suggest meaningful solutions that focus on building lasting relationships between everyone involved in the communication process.