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What do we do

GWA provides customized planning and execution of communication strategies according to customer objectives and needs.

  • communication planning Online and Offline

    Tuned with the dynamics of communication tools, GWA has been always investing to act in a coordinated and synergistic manner, offline and online, respecting the increasing importance of social media. For this action front, where convergence and interaction between the various possible fronts make all difference, there is a focus on creativity (differentiated "footprints"), production of high quality content and careful analysis of customers information and their competitive business environments.

  • Native brand content

    With a team of specialized collaborators in graphic design, GWA, plans, writes and edits publications and materials, in print and electronic formats, as sustainability reports, corporate and sponsored books, and newsletters.

  • Crisis Prevention and Management

    Assuming that prevent and manage crisis are activities that must go together, the GWA expertise allows companies to get plans and manuals that minimize the occurrence of critical situations, as well as to provide appropriate tools and procedures to deal with moments of public tension.

    Our team of professionals is ready to develop comprehensive plans for crisis management, involving up from diagnosis to the interaction with the pre-selected professionals and the establishment of committees to overcome the turmoil, including ongoing assessments of responsiveness.

  • Media Relations

    We hold and manage the relationships between our clients and the media in general to ensure the best results in terms of publishing positioning.

    With a limited number of clients and the firm intention of getting to know the activities of assisted businesses, create strategies and develop actions with profitability measures previously agreed to ensure consistent results.

  • Public relations

    Every successful company operates taking care of the various stakeholders (customers, shareholders, employees, communities, NGOs, suppliers and distributors, associations and industry organizations, financial institutions and trade unions, among others).

    GWA's extensive knowledge contributes to building and maintaining quality relationships between its clients and their stakeholders.

  • Media training

    More than "teach" the client to interact with journalists, GWA prepares spokespersons for positive relationships with all audiences. It is extremely valuable to keep skilled executives to face any situation, not necessarily with the press, but also for processes related to employees, investors, shareholders.

    With specific actions, in which are involved beliefs, values and strategic direction, preparing spokespeople contributes to the image of each client, so that the message is conveyed clearly and accurately, avoiding deceptions, distortions and omissions.

  • Image audit

    We develop brand awareness studies with journalists, customers, potential customers and other stakeholders, always in accordance with the purpose of each customer. The work is performed by experienced professionals, with full guarantee of confidentiality.

  • Internal communication

    Employees are the main ambassadors of a brand and therefore it is essential their participation in communication strategies to ensure the desired perception of the company. GWA creates and executes comprehensive internal communication plans, always linked to the referred corporate identity.

    Among the tools, it could be mentioned billboards, newsletters, reports, corporate blogs, intranet, internal marketing programs and campaigns, podcasts, animated books, and content of corporate videos and social networks.